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About Us

All you have to do is fill in where your parcel is going, and tell us how big (and heavy!) it is, and we'll do the rest. We scour the services of more than a dozen couriers to get you the best deal.

  • Fast delivery

    We committed to satisfy the expectations of our customers through timely and safe delivery of their consignments.


    Fine and secure packaging. Great Value for Money!

Our Service

Make sure you are accurate with the weight and dimensions you enter to avoid any extra charges down the line.

we offer quick & powerful logistics solution

If you have any specific queries with regards to more info on shipment, it would be advised to contact directly the Customer Care of respective Courier company for quality updates and faster resolution of your query.

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Why Choose Us ?

This is because, even though companies who accept your shipment have a strong network in City, no one company can service the entire globe on its own.

  • Choose the service that's right for you
  • Book, pay and print your label
  • Drop off your parcel, or wait in for collection
  • Track that parcel
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Road Freight

Road freight service is the most common method of transporting goods within a country.


The Freight division at The Courier King serves as our backbone, commanding presence in nearly 200 locations across most industrial towns and port cities providing freight to India.

Drop Of Services

Drop-off services work best for people with a small number of parcels that have a busy day schedule.

About Service

We provide parcel transportation, warehousing, freight, reverse logistics, and technology services. Our supply chain platform and logistics operations bring flexibility, breadth, efficiency and innovation to our customers supply chain and logistics operations. Our operations, infrastructure and technology enable our customers to transact with us and our partners at the lowest costs.


To be most preferred ,reliable and trusted logistic partner globally , with innovative technology and service excellence to provide quality value addition for global business with zero error.

  • Effective, Efficient and Reliable Service.
  • Strong, Competent and ethical management.
  • Dedicated and Experienced Professional.
  • Long relationships with clients.
  • Respect for Cultural Values.

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