Terms and Conditions

Terms And Conditions

  1. 1. Our Receipt Is Only For Documnets/Packet Of Papers/Parels Of Goods.
  2. 2. No Complain/Claim Shall Be Enterained By The Company/Franchisee After The Expiry Of 15 Days From The Date Of Booking Consignment.
  3. 3. Consignors Are Advices To Insure Parcel Containing Valuables Items.
  4. 4. This Is Non-Negotiable Consignement Note Subject To Standard Conditions Of Conditions Of Carriage. Carrier's Liablity Limited To Rs. 100 Per Consignement.
  5. 5. Clients May Carefully Note that Their Envelops/Packets Must Not Contain Any Letter Or Communication Which Will Infringe The Indian Post Office Act, 1983.
  6. 6. The Currency, Bearer Cheque & Drafs, Hudies, Bearer Buillty And/Or Similar Documents, Gold, Silver, Jewellery, Precious Stone. Liquid, Semi Liquid, Perishable/Fragile Goods Narcotics And/Or Any Item Which Are Prohibited And/Or Restricted By Statutory Law And Acts Are Strictly Not Acceptable By Us.We Accept Envelops/Parcels In Good Faith That They Not Contain Anything With Infringe The Law.
  7. 7. Octroi Or Any Other Charges Livable By Any Central/State/Local Authorities Wherever Applicable Shall Be Extra And Payable By The Consignor.
  8. 8. The Courier King Had The Rights But Not The Obligation To Inspect Any Shipment, Including, Without Limitation Opening The Shipment.
  9. 9. No Claim May Be Made Against Us Out Side Of That Limit. We Keep Records For 3 Months Only.
  10. 10. Subject To Surat(Gujrat), Jurisdiction.